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Guitarist of The Naked Howl


i walk a lonely road

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The ESA’s new antenna testing facility, designed to emulate the silence of space for testing satellite antennas

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why do people get so mad about puns? they’re literally the nicest kind of humor. they make nobody feel bad. it’s just clever. sometimes it’s original. learn to like puns. don’t let society run your life

Some may not admit it, but 99% of the anger people experience after a good pun comes from the fact that they didn’t think of it first.

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LIFE by fclope



I think the snapchats of my math teacher are the only thing I’ll be remembered for and I’m okay with that

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Polymer absorbs water and expands. It keeps almost the same refractive properties as water and appears invisible.

The polymer is Sodium Polyacrylate (thank you, thecraftychemist!)


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